Review: Perlier Shea Butter and Citrus

Organic Shea Butter and Citrus body balm and shower cream

This is the third Perleir product I've reviewed, the first being Perlier White Almond, and the second Perlier Honey Miel. I received these all as a travel pack sampler to review, and I can say that so far I'm really fond of the Perlier brand.

Perlier has extracted the precious Shea Butter from the fruits of the Tree of Youth pure 100% certified organic shea butter with intense and long lasting moisturizing properties. The Perlier laboratories have perfected a special proprietary and innovative purification process that allows the pure Shea butter fraction to be separated out of the nut and recondensed to obtain a Shea Butter with properties that are more effective than ever before in hydrating your skin. This exclusive proprietary method used to extract the organic Shea butter allows Perlier Shea Butter to be the purest it can be. Perlier's Shea Butter  & Citrus can restore the proper levels of hydration and restore softness and suppleness to even the driest skin.

Just like the other Perlier products I've tried, I really like the Shea Butter and Citrus shower gel and lotion. They both work very well, and they smell fantastic. I'm not talking the Bath & Body Works kind of smell like my Bee Nice Honey Berry but a very rich luxurious smell. I think that these products can work for a much more sophisticated crowed.  Soft notes of citrus the perfect combination of lemons limes and oranges to warm it all up.

Intensive Nurturing Body Balm with Citrus extract. Rubbing the lotion in is so easy to do. It absorbs well only taking a few seconds to do so and doesn't leave any residue. After using my skin doesn't feel oily or greasy, just very soft. The best part though is that after applying my skin still smells like citrus. 

Ultra Rich Moisturizing cream shower with citrus extract. I've used other Shea butter shower gels before and I can now say that I know what product they are trying to mimic. Bathing with this I feel like I'm at a luxury resort on a coast where I can smell the citrus trees.

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