Review: Perlier Olive Oil

Olive Oil Shower Cream and body butter. This is the fourth and last set of shower gels and lotions from Perlier for me to review. I've reviewed the Shea Butter and Citrus, White Almond and Honey Meil. Now that I've tried all of the sets in the sampler Perlier sent me I can say that I really like them all a lot, they're great. 

Perlier's 100% organic italian olive oil line combines italian olive oil and tomato lycopene. This active complex delivers a deep nourishing effect that provides stronger antioxidant protection to the skin. Italian olive oil is an extremely powerful natural antioxidant. Perlier's 100% italian olive oil comes purely from organic farming. It is obtained from century old olive tress cultivated without the use of chemical treatments and extracted by cold pressing hand collected olives. A method of cultivation and extraction that permits a high quality of oil to be obtained particularly rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids.

I have to say that since I tried olive oil diy hair treatment I was a little nervous to use olive oil as any type of beauty treatment since that turned out so poorly. Of course though Perlier's Olive oil products worked out well because all of their product are nice. I'm not sure that I'm over my apprehension yet but still I love this use of olive oil.

Shower Gel: To use I squeeze some into my pink loofa and then scrub it on to my skin. I prefer to use something like this because it gets some of the dead skin off so I feel like my skin is healthier. The olive oil seems to be making it much smoother. I also love the look of the bottle.

Lotion: I always like a good lotion, and this is one of them. The smell is kind of neural but the moisturizing is really great. Since I always prop up myself using my elbows the sin gets dry and damaged. I found that this lotion reversed that.
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