Review: Perlier Honey Miel

This is Honey Miel Italian organic shower cream and body balm from Perlier. This is the second review I've done on their products since receiving their travel pack sampler. The first was Perlier White Almond lotion and shower gel. I really liked the previous product and this one is great too. So far I'm very happy with these sets.

Perlier selects nature's most precious elements for the health and beauty of the skin Honey the ingredient which more than any other characterizes the natural recipes phenomenon with its richness, vitamins, proteins and minerals. Honey provides deep down nutrition for the skin. When used in cosmetic preparations honey delivers high energy properties of sugar, proteins, mineral salts and vitamins which together in Perlier's formulas help to nourish and moisturize the skin naturally improving the appearance of youth and vitality.

Perlier's formula helps rejuvenate the skin and reduce the signs of aging. I've used things like Hydroxation Wrinkle Cream  that really aren't made for my age because I know where I'm going to have issues later in life. They really aren't for my age, but I think this Italian organic Honey Meil is a better choice. It is light on the skin and helps me look nice.

Shower Cream: Originally I used this shower gel as I do most. Pour it on to my pink loufa  and scrub my skin. I did however find a new, and I think better use for the Honey Miel. I'm now using it as a face wash. It doesn't have beads or isn't oil free, but with the honey I figured it would work well and it does. My skin not only feels clear and clean but it feels fresh too.

Body Balm: I've been using this an all over lotion. Its light enough to use for my face and moisturizes well. After shaving I use it so help my skin keep from getting shaving damage and this works really well. I love the smell too. Its honey like but it isn't overly sweet or sappy actually very pleasant and this comes from a girl that isn't that into honey.
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