Review: Olay Foaming Face Wash

Here's a great face wash for sensitive skin. Most of the time my skin is pretty easy to care for. Its not too dry or oily, or too many pimples. Another issue I don't normally have is sensitive skin, but lately I've been getting a little bit of an issue on my cheeks up to my nose. It isn't all that bad but I figured I could try Olay's Foaming Face Wash to hopefully get rid of my sensitive skin issue, or at least not let it bother me.

To use, wet hands and face. Dispense a small amount of product into hands add water and work into a lather massaging on to skin. Then wash off with warm water. I expected this to be similar to my clean and clear morning burst but it is totally smooth. More similar to my Olay Fresh Effects with a smooth texture. I guess that seems right because they are the same brand and since The Olay Foaming Face Wash is for sensitive skin it might be bad for it to have any beads. The one thing I noticed that was a little weird is that even though I really did follow the directions the face wash didn't foam at all. I have to say I was a little disappointed even though I don't think it affected the cleaning ability.

As far as for sensitive skin I think the face wash did a good job. I didn't have any redness or puffiness after washing with it, something that has been happening even when I just use a simple soap. A lot of people tend to have issues with fragrances and this Olay Foaming Face Wash is fragrance free, so no worries there. It is also oil free so its unlikely to give you pimples.

Overall this is a great face wash for sensitive skin. It doesn't smell and it doesn't have any beads so it is very safe on skin. I think Olay has a reputation with this too. You could pair this with a skin cream like Delon Skin Lotion  If you don't have sensitive skin though, I'd pass on this. It cleans the skin, but not much else and you might be looking for something that does a little more.
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