Review: Hydroxatone BB Cream

Hydroxatone Skin Care
 Hydroxatone BB Cream is an all in one skin product for sure. Not only does it hydrate conceals and brightens skin, but also to help fight aging through its high  SPF  protection. Originally I was a little apprehensive about trying this product out because I thought it was an "old person thing" to worry about aging skin, but after reading more about how the sun damages skin I was more than ready to have Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream help me out. You're never too young for preventative measures.

Now this isn't something like the Lancome Night Cream that repairs skin, but rather the Hydroxatone BB cream prevents damage to the skin. It does this with moisture and Broad Spectrum SPF. Since dryness and sun damage are the two leading causes of wrinkles (not age) using the Anti-Aging BB cream can make a big difference in the look of your skin. I was pleasantly surprised at exactly how high of protection this BB cream offered, SPF 40. Normally I only see SPF 15 or at most SPF 20 which is barely enough protection. With SPF 40 though there aren't any worries of sunburn and skin cancer is significantly reduced.
This is the medium color on my hand. You can see that it looks a little dark, but it ends up blending in very well.  There were two interesting things about this BB Cream. First the texture. With my Maybelline BB Cream the texture was extremely smooth and light, but Hydroxatone is a little different. I wouldn't say its heavy, but it is quite a bit thicker and because of this is able to cover more noticeable blemishes. I didn't have a problem however with my pores feeling clogged down. Another unique thing about the texture is that it wasn't quite so smooth, maybe this is because of the SPF or a different formula to make it stick better to skin. Since it is made for all skin types I wouldn't think this would be a problem though. 

The other great thing about this Anti-Aging BB cream is the smell. I am so used to the average foundation, concealer, bb cream smell that just smells like oily makeup. When something is that close to my nose I don't want it to smell nasty. Hydroxatone has a slight citrus smell, really one of the best makeup smells I've ever been in contact with. 

Overall I really like this product. It is above the average drug store cost, but it is well worth it. Its very moisturizing even on my dry skin, isn't irritating, smells great and best of all fights aging. This is a BB cream I'm going to be using for a long time to come.
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