Perlier Travel Set

Travel Set Perlier
So not that long ago I received the deluxe sampler travel kit from Perlier. Originally I planned on doing a separate review for each product, but in the end I realized that it would be much more practical to do reviews for each different set of products, White Almond, Shea Butter and Citrus, Honey Miel, and Olive Oil. This isn't really my normal review process but each set was unique enough that I think that they each deserved a separate review. There are though a few things that I can say about the group as a whole.

Use. All of these products do an amazing job at moisturizing and repairing skin and they each do it in a different way. The key ingredient in all of the sets happens to be something that is great for the skin. I found that all of the shower gels lathered up well and rinsed off nicely. The lotions all absorbed well into my skin and didn't leave any type of nasty residue, something that's common among body butters.

Smell. Each of these sets has a very distinct smell, and all of it is amazing. Not only do they actually smell like what they say they do, but it is a very grown up version of the smell, so you feel like you're using luxury products. The scent lasts a long time, but isn't overpowering or annoying.

Packaging. I really like a lot of the packaging on these bottles. Its simple but distinguishable enough that you can discriminate between different products with just a glance. Any of these would work well sitting on a bathroom counter as part of a product display. My favorites though are the Oilve Oil and Honey Miel body washes.

You can buy the product HERE from HSN
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