Paparazzi Haul

paparazzi bag
 Remember awhile ago when I blogged about how you could have your own home based jewelry business? Well I just received a package of jewelry from Debs Jewelry Shop and I really liked what I got so I figured I could share it.
 Here's my full jewelry haul. All of this cost less than $35 and that includes shipping. Ordering was fast and easy and a little fun because paparazzi has so many great products to pick from. The best part is that everything cost $5 or less. Two of the things I bought only cost $2.50. It was easy to shop and to order.

 I bought four different necklaces.As you can see the first and the third look exactly alike. Just the same thing in a different color but I couldn't help myself I love necklaces with ribbons. The second one and the last are more of everyday necklaces, which I'm sure will get more use because normally I just do casual outfits.
 The only earrings I actually bought were the ones in the package, the ladybugs and they were $2.50 All the others came with the necklaces I bought. Surprising because they were already very inexpensive  to buy. I'm not sure that I'll wear them with the necklaces they match (because I only wear one piece at a time) but they will get worn.
 So I also have two headbands that I got, $2.50. The very pretty hair hair clip was a gift for me. It said on the note that they were sorry for the delay, but it was just two days. Can you say great customer service?
Last but not least, the bracelet I received. It is a little big on me but I really like it. 
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