Oasap Order

I seriously love Oasap. They have a huge variety of clothing and its all at an affordable cost. Best of all the quality is still there. Something that can be a little worrisome when buying online. Since my Oasap introduction that was done almost a full year ago to my most current Oasap review, 1920's Tribal Style I have been only happy with what I've received. The site is easy to navigate letting you search by different types of clothing as well as by subcategories like price and popularity. Even though a lot of their products come from Asian countries, Western buyers don't need to worry because they offer you step by step tracking on site. Once you get your product you can show off your order on their site, and get $4 off your next purchase. The only bad thing is waiting for your shipment to arrive.

Heart T-Shirt: I've been looking at getting this T-shirt for at least six months, and I'm really not sure why I took this long to get it. Its one size, which is perfect for summer because it'll be a little loose. I think it'll look adorable with either a skirt or a pair of jeans.

Cat Ear Beanie:  I think this beanie is the most excited I've ever been about a hat. Its so cute. Since I am a big cat fan of course I love the ears, but really I love almost any beanie, they're so comfortable and warm. 

Look forward to my outfit posts with each of these items, I've not decided if I'll do them separately or together yet, so I guess it will be a surprise.
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