Mother's Grunge

Red Mother's Day Flowers
 I think this is the first year ever that I've actually bought my mother a present for Mother's Day. Its not that I don't love her or anything, but I'm terrible at remembering, and until recently I haven't had my own money to spend. I'm starting to think maybe I should have started this a long time ago because she was so happy that I bought her something and it really wasn't that hard. To tell the truth it was actually my boyfriends idea to get his mother potted flowers, and then I took the idea as well as made him drive me to Lowes to get them.
blogger samples
 Here are two packages that I received in the mail last week. The larger one was for the Tea Tan Glow Review and the smaller one was for the Hydroxatone BB Cream. Whenever I get packages in the mail to review or get emails from readers I always feel super appreciated. And kind of special.

laser cut metal
 Remember when I stayed at the Chicago Hyatt? Well this is something I was given while I was there. As you can see its a miniature bike but really it was just made as a promotion piece for a company that does laser cutting. You can see that I still have some of my Sally Hansen Grass Slipper still on. I'm terrible about removing nail polish.
window blinds
This is the view from where I sit in my one of my summer school classes. I'm sorry if as time goes on my blog gets a little neglected because these classes are intense. If so don't worry too much because its only for a month and a half. Oh and I didn't title this Mother's Grunge because my mom has been listening to my How to be Grunge outfit guide but because all but the first photo is edited with a grunge filter.
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