Mostly Junk Food

strawberry and kiwi flavor
 I guess that I've been doing a lot of posts lately. Like a review of cherry blossom soap, sensitive skin wash, and purple conditioner, and now a post about the food I've eaten recently. What can I say? I'm on it. I think mostly though it has to do with school being out now, even if its only for a few days. I'm not sure how much anyone else likes to see what I eat. But I kind of see it as a way to document exactly how unhealthy I am.

I seriously love the Snapple strawberry and kiwi fruit drink. The glass bottle is a novelty that while maybe not very cost efficient is something I was really drawn to. The taste is also pretty great, something that I have a hard time finding since I don't drink carbonated drinks.
snack food
Chex Mix. I think along with Sun Chips this is my favorite snack type food. If I go to someone's house and they happen to have these in their pantry then I automatically think they are the coolest person ever.  Then I go ahead and eat the whole bag.  My favorite pieces are the dark brown bread things.

rainbow sherbet
Rainbow Ice cream. Whenever I'm asked what kind I want its always this. The colors all taste kind of the same but that's okay. I had such a problem figuring out what those dots are but I think I got it. When the lid is off what's on it melts, then I put it on and it drips down.
sausage too
Dinner from the other night. It reminds me of the time I made mac
anise flavored pizzelle
Cookies. These have this weird black licorice after taste, but once you get past that they're really good. 
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