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candle lit
 Just another photo dump from my iPhone like the Junk Food post I did yesterday. I really love having my phone as cleaned out as possible (like five photos or less) and I don't really like deleting the photos, so then I put them all up in my blog. If nothing else Hanna Marie Lei is a great place for photo dumping.

This first photo is just of a simple candle burning. I wasn't trying to make another post like my candle fire pictures it was always just one photo. Originally I was going to use it on blog posts that didn't have any pictures so that they looked nicer in certain readers, but I changed my mind on that one because really there isn't any point.
 A picture from either a Nordstrom, or Saks Fifth Avenue catalogue. Since it is Versace I'm leaning more towards Saks Fifth Avenue, which reminds me of the quote, "Nobody Hates Saks"  from a less than terrific movie. The reason I took a picture of it is because my father seems to think it looks like the boy I'm dating. My boyfriend of course doesn't agree, but I can see both sides.

 A picture from when it started snowing a few months ago. It ended up being three inches. Even though its just starting to get warm I'm already missing the winter.
 The beginnings of a skirt that my mother made for me the other day. She made me take the pictures so that she could put them on her blog, and I would consider linking to her but I really don't want to. I could go on and on about why I won't but I think I'll save that for another time.
My study guide for the test. Actually it belonged to someone else but they let me borrow it after they were done with their test. Obviously it worked since I ended with an A in the class.
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