Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap

Normally I don't review soaps, but I had to write about this one. Bath and Body Works has a ton  of great products and I could make a whole post just linking to products of theirs I like. This Japanese Cherry Blossom foaming hand soap might be my favorite though. The fact that it actually foams up well, and that it's antibacterial, like my bee nice antibacterial from bath and body works make it perfect.

First off you can't forget about the smell. Its the first thing that drew me towards this hand soap. I was washing my hands, and then bam the smell hit me. I've done a review over april cherry blossom products and even though they smell nice, they don't compare at all to this Japanese Cherry Blossom. Something to note though is that it isn't too strong so it won't bother people around you.

I mentioned before that this actually foams up. This is because it has a great pump system that makes this happen on its own. It has a sturdy handle that I like too so you don't have to worry about tipping it over while trying to use it. Something I've done with other soaps. Being anti bacterial I don't have to worry about germs or getting sick, which means I get to stay healthy. A necessity with my schedule. 

Overall I really like this soap. It smells great, comes out well and is antibacterial. It hasn't irritated my skin or left it feeling dry so that's a plus too. I normally try and look for some type of problem to talk about with a product, but with Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap I haven't been able to find any.

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