Funny Faces

Hanna Marie Lei
Hanna Marie Lei

It seems like school just started (just a week ago actually) but I already have so much school work. I'm starting to think that these summer classes really aren't worth all the trouble. Even if they are a part of my "life plan". Forget about the plan, I need to LIVE.

Today I went to the school bathroom and noticed something, the lighting was amazing. I mean I had about five hours of sleep, and had already sat through two hours of class but somehow when I looked at these mirrors I actually looked okay. Surprising since I'm wearing barely any makeup. Just my Lancome Noir Black Mascara and Hydroxatone BB Cream that literally took me two minutes to put on. Even without makeup I am still a girl though and had to take a few photos in the perfect lighting.

In this photo I'm wearing a new shirt that my friend bought be from OASAP. I know I know, you can barely see it but I'm so excited that I had to mention it. I have a feeling its going to be one of my favorite pieces for a long time to come. Check back later for a dedicated post to it.
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