Betty Crocker Summer Cakes

Betty Crocker 's recipes are a welcome alternative to store-bought cakes, bringing that whimsical, personal touch that can only mean it was made by mom. With a few simple steps, it's easy to transform yellow cake mix into flip-flops, or white cake mix into the sweetest "watermelon" you'll ever eat. Summertime deserves cakes that spark the imagination, and these recipes from Betty Crocker fit the bill:
  • Ice Cream Cone Cakes – Treat your family to the delicious fun of an ice cream cone without the melting mess. Kids of all ages will love personalizing these single-serving cakes with sprinkles, crushed candy and even birthday candles at a fun DIY cake bar.
  • Flip-Flops Cake – If you're flip-flopping over what to bake for your backyard barbecue, look no further than this festive creation. Food colors, candies and fruit snacks are all you need to transform a sheet cake into footwear that looks (and is) good enough to eat.
  • Watermelon Cake – Your family's favorite fruit is about to get even more popular. This melt-in-your-mouth cake offers a surprise in every bite, with chocolate chip "seeds" and a green jelly bean "rind."
  • Cookies n Cream Cupcakes – Now it's possible to serve up your favorite ice cream on the go – no spoons required. Perfect for family picnics, these cupcakes get their flair from moist devil's food cake, fluffy marshmallow cream and crunchy sandwich cookies. 
  • Butterfly Cake – Transforming a traditional birthday cake into a beautiful butterfly is easy with just some candy, rainbow sugar and decorating gel. The party's in the preparation with this hands-on creation – turning time in the kitchen into memories that'll last a lifetime.
I made my own, the Cookies , Cream Cupcakes and even though I'm not a top baker they turned out fantastic.  You can find even more cake recipes HERE. If you follow my blog you'd know that I'm terrible at making anything, and normally something "easy" is instant jello or pudding but with Betty Crocker's step by step instructions, these Cookies n Cream Cupcakes were easy to make, and best of all they taste fantastic. Here's  a step by step for ice cream cone cakes.

Here's the Cookies n Cream Cupcakes That I made. Not only do they taste good, but they look good. This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.
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