Chicago Hyatt Room

 Here are a few pictures of the Hyatt I stayed at in Chicago. I've stayed at a few Hyatt Hotels before and all of them have been very nice. I would consider them a low level luxury hotel but service wise they are five star. Everyone on the staff was very friendly and eager to help with quick directions and random questions. I only took pictures of the room I was staying in, a small suite, but the open guest areas are very nice. 

I took an overnight trip to Chicago and actually just came back today. This isn't as big of a trip as when I went to Utah and technically I could have gone to Chicago early this morning and came back late tonight but it would have been terrible. The traffic isn't the best, and its not like I know the area so doing it while tired wouldn't have be a nice adventure.  The whole reason I went was because my mother had a trade show to attend and going alone really would be no fun and getting there is a little confusing.  Surprisingly I ended up having fun so it worked out pretty well.Modern Hotel Bed
The bed. I was actually happy with how modern it was. A lot of times I'm unimpressed by the design of rooms but this one wasn't bad at all. The only thing I would change is making plug ins on the lamps so I could charge my phone next to me while I slept. Or plugged in my iMac

mini kitchen
 When we cam, I was surprised to find out that there was a half kitchen. If I would have know this before I think I might have brought something to cook. Maybe make gingerbread popcake men again. Since I didn't have anything with me the only thing used was the refrigerator, to store a single bottle of water.
wood desk
 The desk. I didn't actually use this at all, but my mother did, so I guess it served its purpose. It has drawers that I only notice now that I'm looking at picture so they could be false.
 This is the couch that pulls out into a bed. I was going to sleep here, but I ended up just sharing the bed with my mother.
 The television, although a flat screen wasn't very big. I did like though that it turns so it can face either the bed or the sofa.
The bathroom was the only thing I wasn't really impressed with. It had a marble counter top, but it wasn't anything special. Very plain looking. One thing I did like was that the towels were in the shower. Far enough away that they didn't get wet, but they did get a lot of steam, making them super warm.
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