Cheetos Puffy Puffed Corn

Natural Puffy Puffed Corn
 Cheetos are one of my favorite snack foods. I've featured them more than a few times in my everyday food posts because of it. When I'm at school all day I start to get hungry and the first thing I do is head over to the vending machine, with my top pick to buy being Cheetos.  When I heard about the White Cheddar natural puffy puffy corn Cheetos I knew I had to give it a try, and thanks to Lays Fritos I can.

Before I opened the package I looked at the package and was surprised by what I saw, these chips seem really healthy. they're made with sea salt, sunflower oil, no artificial coloring flavors or preservatives, as well as being baked. Being healthy has been a really big thing for me lately so this is a big deal. I feel like I need to start watching what goes into my body if I want to live a long healthy life. I thought that because these white Cheetos were so good for you that they wouldn't taste like it, but I'm really happy with their taste.

yellow white Cheetos
 Here's what the puffed corn looks like. It isn't quite like Cheetos puffs a little firmer but it is more similar to puffs than it is to normal Cheetos. I was surprised by how cheesy it actually tasted. I'm not really a big fan of white cheddar but I really liked these. Unlike orange Cheetos they don't leave a ton of residue on your hands, so no worries about washing your hands afterwards.
case of Cheetos
Here's all the Cheetos I was sent. My friend took a bag as soon as he tried one of mine, one bag has been eaten and one is in my pantry so these aren't pictured. If you like to snack but you want a healthier alternative I'd recommend trying out Cheetos Puffy Puffed Corn.
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