Cat Eared Hat

Hat with Cat Ears

Girl with Cat Ear Hat
 I've been really excited about my Oasap order and already did an outfit post of my heart designed shirt.  Even though the package shipped from Hong Kong, it ended up arriving a lot quicker that I expected it to which is fantastic since I've really been wanting to wear this hat. I even did an outfit post on how to wear a beanie since I was coming up with a ton of different ideas for how to wear it.  I can say though now that I've been wearing it, that I'm not disappointed in the least, actually I love it even more now that it has arrived.

The thing I love most about this hat is of course the cat ears. Like a lot of internet dwellers and really any person who knows anything, I absolutely adore cats. I love how they look, and how their fur feels and personality wise they are the best pets. With a love like that why wouldn't I want a piece of my outfit to represent a cat? As a side note this isn't me trying to be a cat. I feel the need to add this because of the who furry thing that's been going around. Not my thang.

There is something I have to say about OASAP.COM. I've done a lot of reviews and even more buying on my own from a lot of Asian based clothing companies and Oasap is by far the best to work with. They have a huge selection at a great price and I never worry about if my package will come or not because they give you a tracking number. But if you do have any problems their customer service is suburb the get back to you quickly and are always very polite. Best of all though the quality of the things the sell is amazing. I've always been wary about buying things online because of this but with all the oasap items I own not one of them have a been disappointed with.

You can buy your own hat with cat ears HERE for $14. There is always free shipping, and after you receive your package be sure to upload a picture on their site. Not only will it help other buyers (its a big decision maker for me) but they'll also give you a $4 credit for your next purchase. 
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