Boxed Vanilla Pudding

About a week ago my boyfriend and I decided that we were going to make Rice Krispy treats. I've made Rice Krispy treats before and they turned out fine, but this time not so much. We really did try, but they ended up burnt on the bottom and tasteless everywhere else. The burnt part was totally his fault since he was the one who was stirring but the taste problem was all me because I decide instead of three tablespoons of butter I was going to add a whole stick.  It was a bigger fail then when I made brownies because that at least tasted fine.

So obviously I need to take a step back and go a little more basic ( I know pretty sad) with my cooking.   I have a long way from being House Wife Hanna I guess. That's why I decided to make a simple Jello Pudding in Vanilla flavor because nothing is easier than that.

Vanilla Pudding
 One of the main reasons I decided on making this Pudding is because it was already in my pantry. I originally waned to make it into a pie, but I only had whipped topping and no pie crust.  Of course inexperienced me couldn't have handled making a crust on my own.
 Measure out three cups of milk and add in the mix. I was surprised by the amount of milk it took. Only my largest measuring cup was big enough for it.

whisked vanilla pudding
Since I'm moderately lazy I decided to just whisk it all in the same thing that I was using to measure out the milk.  By this time it was almost filled to the top, but I didn't spill a single drop.

 After mixing it for two minutes like the directions said to do, I poured it into a container (that was a tad too big) and put it in the refrigerator. I know that making pudding isn't that hard, but still I was pretty proud of my accomplishment.
cream pudding

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