Book Review: Perfecting Kate

Perfectly Kate by Tamara Leigh
Perfecting Kate
By Tamara Leigh

Kate Meadows is a successful San Francisco artist looking for a nice solid Christian man. So when not one, but two handsome bachelors enter her orbit in rapid succession her head is spinning just a bit. Michael Palmier is a hunky and famous makeup artist who actually seems to be flirting with her - rather than her physically flawless housemate Maia. Trouble is he keeps handing her business cards from various beauty professionals and plastic surgeons. Is he trying to stamp out every last bit of self esteem she has?

Then there's Dr. Clive Alexander good looking enough to be mistaken for Brad Pitt, who sends Kate's pulse skittering every time he comes near. Too bad he's only interested in her work - and doesn't think she's much to look at. Its enough to send a girl running for her paint-splattered relaxed fit jeans and swearing off men altogether! But after undergoing a makeover from Michael's staff Kate can't be oblivious to the admiring glances men throw her way. Maybe she should try contacts consider some fancy dental work and you know, that mole really could stand to go. The question now is what kind of work will Kate do on herself... and who exactly is she trying to please?

About the Author. Tamara Leigh began writing romance novels to "get the stories out of her head" Over the course of one providential year, she gave birth to her first child committed her life to Christ gave up a career in speech pathology and released her first novel. Her first seven novels earned awards and became national bestsellers. 
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