Book Review: Fortress of Mist

Fortress of Mist
Book Two Merlin's Immortals
By Sigmund Brouwer

About the Book

The throne is redeemed but the battle is just beginning. In the dark corners of an ancient land, evil lurks in the shadows. Powerful druids haunt the spaces of their lost territory. Double minded noblemen fight for domain and influence. Invaders from the north threaten the kingdom of Magnus. This land of promise and redemption is mired in deceit and corruption. The Orphan King once victorious in conquest appears to be losing his grip on his seat of power. Thomas rules Magnus but doesn't know who to trust. His enemies anticipate his every move thwarting him at each turn. Something isn't right. Under attack both in supernatural and natural worlds, Thomas must reach back into the secret layers of his past to find the strength and wisdom to fight his battles. When the mist Clears who will stand with him.

About the Author

With more than three million books in print. Sigmund Brouwer is the best selling author of dozens of popular books for both children and adults. Over the past two decades his Rock and Roll Literacy presentation has inspired students at many schools across North America. Sigmund is married to songwriter and recording artist Cindy Morgan. The couple and their two young daughters divide there time between their two homes, Red Deer Alberta, and Nashville Tennessee.

My Thoughts

These are my favorite types of books. I love the mystery and the action present in Fortress of Mist. The characters are easy to follow, and very easy to get attached to. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop. I was given this book for review, and will be giving it away on my Google Plus Page.
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