Book Review: A Dream So Big

Book by Steve Peifer and Gregg Lewis
A Dream So Big 
Out Unlikely Journey to End the Tears of Hunger
By Steve Peifer with Gregg Lewis

After one life was lost, thens of thousands were saved. Steve Peifer and his wife agreed to be dorm parents at a school in Kenya for a year to escape their grief over the death of their infant son. But a one year experiment prompted a personal and family pilgrimage that transformed a seemingly ordinary middle aged American man, husband and father into perhaps the most unlikely internationally influential hero you're never heard of, that is until now.

He went to flee the pain. He returned to change the world. In 1997 Steve Peifer a successful manager of one of America's high tech corporate giants and his wife Nancy were told that their unborn baby had trisomy 13 a chromosomal condition that produces multiple deformities and birth defects. Their doctors said the baby's condition was "incompatible with life" and advised an abortion. But the Peifers decided on life and loved their new son as long as they had him, which was eight days.

Seeking to flee the pain of their deep loss, Steve and Nancy signed up for a twelve month mission assignment as dorm parents at a boarding school in the heart of Kenya where they found that daily life in the nearby villages was often defined by poverty, drought, disease and hunger. And that's how a corporate executive who once oversaw 9,000 computer software consultants ended up feeding lunch and teaching computer skills to starving African schoolchildren.

Today thirteen years after their short term assignment turned in to a lifetime of service Steve Peifer and his team have built twenty solar powered computer systems and still provide daily lunches for more than 20,000 Kenyan school children in thirty five national public schools.

Although I don't agree that the Peifers made the right choice in giving birth to their son, who was in his eight days of life in so much pain that he was given morphine to ease it. To me this is much more cruel then ending a life, but this isn't a debate, on euthanasia. Or that they should have moved from their very secure live in the states, to live potentially dangerous Kenya, because they weren't just choosing that life for themselves, but also for their young children.
I really do like A Dream so Big, and who am I to judge someone when I'm not in their place.

 What they've done for the Kenyans is amazing. There are so many people not just in far away places, but close to you that need help, and this provides a face for a few of them. An interesting look at poverty in Kenya, and how one family was not only able to help those people, but help themselves heal in the process. For anyone going through a lot of grief this is a great inspirational book, for turning your negative feelings into something worthwhile and positive.
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