Book Review: Clean

A Proven Plan for men committed to sexual integrity

A Proven Plan For Men Committed to Sexual Integrity
By Douglas Weiss

You have been called to a life of sexual success! Every Christian man is born into a sexual war. The enemy attacks the young hoping to scar them permanently and leave them ruined. But your past is not enough to keep you from the enduringly clean life you want and deserve.

Clean is a priceless no nonsense resource for every husband father brother son friend pastor and Christian leader on the front lines of this war. It is a soldier's handbook for those ready to reclaim their homes, churches and nations for the God who has built them to succeed.

Dr. Doug Weiss has been clean for more than twenty five years and he has devoted his life to helping other men achieve victory. "This book," says Dr. Weiss, "contains tested and tried weapons for you to get and stay clean, not for a week month or year, but for the rest of your life.

Clean provides you with biblical practical dependable weapons for seizing and maintaining a clean life for yourself and those you love. You will even be equipped to reach out to your brothers in arms and teach them to walk with you in cleanness. "If the devil wants war, bring it on!"Join the battle! Your sexual life is worth fighting for!
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