Book Review: Angels by my Side

Angels by My Side
Stories and Glimpses of These Heavenly Helpers
By Betty Malz

God Knows your needs - and he has his angels ready to help you!

Have you ever had a close call? Do you sometimes sense that you are not alone? Do you wonder if you have ever met an angel "unaware"? When Betty Malz was a young mom she suffered a ruptured appendix and after many fatal complications was declared dead. Twenty eight minutes later she returned to life bringing with her a vibrant and encouraging message about these heavenly helpers called angels. 

Over the years that followed, Betty spoke and wrote about her amazing experience - including the armies of angles she saw awaiting God's commands to help His people. And it seemed that everywhere she turned she met others eager to tell her about their encounters with angelic beings. his book is the culmination of that journey. Here you will discover biblical answers to questions such as:

  • When do angels help us?
  • What do protecting, rescuing, and messenger angels actually do?
  • How do we know if an angel is God's servant or one of Satan's hosts trying to deceive us?
  • Can angels intervene when we face temptation?
  • How do we pray for divine assistance?
This book will help you understand God's purpose for these heavenly helpers in every area of your life. Be encouraged to trust in his loving care - for he truly has angels by your side.

Betty Malz 1929-2012 was the author of ten books including My Glimpse of Eternity which has sold more than 750,000 copies. Following her death experience Betty spent the next 53 years sharing her testimony through writing and speaking always with great joy and a deep love for Jesus.

If you're someone who's curious about the other side, then this is the book for you. Its not just that though. Its a guide to everything to do with how God helps is believers through angels, as well as a way to better ourselves on our own. An interesting read for anyone curious about a different view of God.

I was given this book to review, and will be giving it away.
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