Bird Fair

So if you follow my blog, you know that I have an Africa Grey Bird. I used to have a Love Bird as well, but she died a few months ago. Because I have a bird, I found out about these bird fairs. Although there are a few tables that sell birds, mostly it is bird related items, like toys, food, and cages. It kind of reminds me of how shopping would be in more traditional markets with each person having their own booth, but not quite because its indoors and there isn't haggling. Both of these are okay with me though because it was raining today, and I wasn't wearing an outfit for the rain and the prices are already so low (compared to pet stores) that I wouldn't even know how to haggle.

 Sorry some of these pictures are a little blurry. I'm not really sure if I'm actually allowed to take pictures of people's items so I had to be stealthy about it. This was one of the first booths I went by, filled with toys for larger sized birds.
 Bird fairs are a fantastic place to get cages. A few years ago I bought one for my bird and it was 40% cheaper than the exact same one I saw at a big name pet store. All the bird fairs I've been to have a large variety of sizes, shapes and colors so if you're looking for a bird cage this would be a good place to go.
 These rainbow toys made me so happy! They're all so pretty to look at and since they're dyed with kool-aid they're safe for birds to chew on. This same vendor had supplies so that you can make your own toy.

 Here's what I ended up getting. A plastic chain, a ball and a rainbow wooden fan toy. I also bought a 50 lbs bag of bird food for $30. At pets stores they tend to sell for $1.25 and up for the same thing.

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