A Pretty Boy

Last night I was hanging out with my boyfriend and I decided to take awkward photos of him. He never seems to like the normal pictures that we take together. Always saying he never looks good but yet he lets me take these kind of photos. Actually my phone background right now is a less than perfect picture of him eating cookies. We were going to make those cookies but ended up making pizza like the mini homemade pizzas I made by myself. 

This is my first post of him, but I've actually mentioned him before in my Cyndaquil Pokemon Post as well as my Great Gatsby Fashion post. Maybe a long time from now I'll do a more formal introduction where I talk about what he does, who he is etc but for now this is pretty good. On a side note I've been telling him that I want to be a photographer and basically forcing him to tell my that terrible pictures like this aren't to bad. I think I'm terrible to date.
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