Unlikely Wedding Plans

Wedding Plans

I'm no where near getting married so its a little strange that I decided to make a Dream Wedding Polyvore today. I mean, I'm in college, live at home, and don't have a "real job" so of course these plans for a wedding are not very realistic. I think I'm going to be marking single in forms for a long time. That's why I don't at all understand why this sudden urge to pick out things for a wedding hit me. I mean I've never ever thought about a wedding before (weird since I am of the female variety) and I'm not even sure I would want to have a wedding let alone be married, a civil union sounds like the perfect approach to me. None the less I ended up making this wedding guide so here goes. Hopefully this doesn't turn into some sort of Wedding blog by next week.
  • Wedding Dress - I love a dress with a long train and a full skirt. It looks so elegant and princess like. My favorite is when they use a mesh like fabric for the skirt instead of folded pleats because it looks much more whimsical with the mesh. I think the folded pleats would be so heavy anyways. I've done a few corset reviews so another big feature that I liked was the corset back. Because of my lack of descriptive words so far I don't think there is any worry of this blog going from personal adventures to wedding bells.
  • Veil - I hate the long veils that go down to the ground or cover a woman's face. I don't understand at all. If it goes down to the ground you risk tripping over it and I think that I'd have enough to worry about with just a dress. If it covers the face then what is the point of even looking nice. I get its a traditional thing, but I think its a tradition to be lost. A simple design that is over only part of the face, and then doesn't even cover it looks so much more elegant. I want people to see me walking down.
  • Nail Polish - This white nail polish over a white glitter is amazing for anytime, not just a wedding. I think that I'm going to go out and buy it now and then wear it the rest of my life. I think that the best polish for this would be something similar to my essie penny talk.
  • Bride's maids dresses - I was at a wedding a few weeks ago where all the bride's maids had the same dress, but in a different color. I simply love this idea because they can each have their individuality. The only problem I see is having a theme that can handle this. Maybe grey but I think many people would see that as too depressing for a wedding.
Sorry if you got a little bored reading about my "wedding plans" since there is no wedding, but I had to get it out somewhere. For me planning this is the part of the fun, even if these plans end up getting changed or never happening. I promise I'll be back soon with my "normal" posts.
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