Thinking about it

I know that I've talked about wanting to be a full time blogger before, but I always end up realizing that doing something like that is very unlikely. I mean I do make some money, but not enough to even sort of live off. Since I've been blogging for the past year and a half (actually putting effort in for the last eight months) I've also gotten a lot of really cool things, from clothes and shoes to video games, pictures, circle lenses, makeup, and even dryer balls but even though all of those things are nice its not like I could pay rent using them. Even if I do start posting four times a day instead of my normal once a day (or most of the time every other day) would I really be able to make that much more money? I'm not sure. One of my best sponsorships Activision Family Game Summit gave me items worth almost $1000 which is great but since then my traffic has almost doubled and I have yet to receive anything nearly as valuable. Blogging really is too untrustworthy in finances for someone like me. I like to know exactly what I'm getting and when I'm getting it so that I can plan ahead. 

Right now since I'm going to school, it really doesn't matter that much what I make because I'm living at home and school is my "job". I've kind of hoped that I'd be able to find a major where I could make decent money and do blogging on the side for fun, but according to the research I have done unless I go to graduate school this would be moderately hard to do. Not to mention the fact that I am mildly afraid of having to get a "real job" if I could just do my own thing I would be so much happier. Even if that meant working significantly more hours to get the same pay and with that I go back to the problem that with blogging a set amount of hours doesn't equal a set amount of pay.

The past few days I've been thinking of a plan where I would be able to hopefully be a full time blogger. Of course like all my plans, it is fairly detailed but will most likely change as I adapt to changes. First at least one blog post a day, if I'm going to do a non sponsored beauty review like my purple shampoo, or do a book review like Unstoppable then I'll have two and those types of post will be placed so that they aren't on my blog feed although I will link to them on Google Plus. I will also be doing 1-2 youtube videos a week. One about beauty/fashion and one about my life I'm not sure when I'll start doing this but hopefully by next year. I'm also going to try and pin on Pinterest 2-3 times a day, and post at least one thing on Google Plus every day that isn't a link to a blog post. 

One problem I do see with this is that my blog, youtube, and Google Plus are all owned by Google which could be a problem, although very unlikely, it is possible. I hope to get a few freelance writing opportunities to make up for this.

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