There go the Cows

My Grandparents live literally in the middle of nowhere. I can't get cell phone signal, and the internet is super sketchy. The do however, have neighbors that we went to see last time I was staying with them and these neighbors have cattle. They had a few young calves that I went to see, and one of them was bottle fed and he really was adorable. I ended up taking these pictures with my iphone, just like my hawaii photos and the ones underwater, simply because I'm too lazy to take a huge camera around.  We took the Multiple Terrain Vehicle that's in the pictures up the hill to the barn. Although it wasn't feeding time all the cows came and one of them let me pet it.

Now the thing about these cows is that they are beef cattle so... not to long from now they're going to be on someone's plate. Seeing live beef cattle is a little weird because they're so friendly I feel a little bad that I eat beef. The only good thing I can say about it is that these cows are very well taken care of. I don't think they'd be so friendly if that wasn't the case. Also I was surprised that there was no smell, I think that though is a combination of cleanness and how its set up.

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