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Bloggers That Scam

On a jobs board that I frequent I saw an ad placed about doing a blog hop where you review a book write a few extra posts to promote it and have a twitter party and a giveaway on your blog. It implied that the bloggers would be receiving a print copy of the book and a giveaway would be made for each of bloggers for their readers. Oh yeah and it said that we'd be receiving a package worth over $3500 at the end. Now as a skeptic I didn't quite believe I would be getting anything worth that much but I assumed that it'd equal out to a low estimate of $500 not to bad for what they were asking me to do. 

But then I found out this wasn't quite the case when I received my follow up email from the woman who blogs at who's Rebekah Davis, something that should have clued me in right away. This reminds me a little of the Sponsored Post issue I had but this woman is portrays herself as a blogger, and I think I'd expect a little more from someone who knows how much work doing posts is.

Here are the requirements:

  1. Blogger will be required to post, review and build awareness for the entire week specified. Posts will be provided in HTML format. These posts will be emailed out the prior week. (Posts will include “Why Mom’s Make Great Network Marketers”, Interview with Shane Jeremy James, A Sneak Peak of the Book, a personal review of the book and the giveaway/bonus announcement.)
  2. Blogger’s will be required to read and review the book on their blog (on the specified day), and on Amazon.
  3. Blogger must use all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest/Instagram/Youtube (if applicable) to promote the posts, review and giveaway.
  4. Bloggers must promote and be available for a Twitter Party the day of the book launch, April 11, 2013. #ShanegingtheGame (Each blogger signed up will be considered a “host” of the party.)
  5. A joint giveaway will be included on this hop. Each blogger will be allowed one social media connection for the giveaway. 

    and as for my $3500 payment I listed them at the end of this post along with their "values", I kept the descriptions of the products but you should be able to tell by the titles that they are worthless. All just vapor and really just get rich quick scams that take money from their buyers. Exactly what the book I was supposed to be reviewing is. 

    Normally I love doing reviews of products. Of course I like the pay, but I also think that it helps to bring in new content and gives exposer to new products, when its something like this though, I'd rather opt out than risk hurting my readers. Sometimes with these mystery compensation packs are fantastic like the Activison games summit and other times like with WeHeartMom you need to watch out to keep from being scammed. Oh and here's the list so you can see what I'm talking about!

    "How to Master Sales and Persuasion" by Shane Jeremy James (12 training calls, each call 90-120 minutes and 12 training videos) (Online Version, $997)
    Shane Jeremy James' 12-week Master Sales and Persuasion Training Will help your sales grow between 30-100%. If you own a business, are a sales person or a network marketer, or simply someone wanting to learn how to master persuasion, then this is the course for you. The course is exactly what you need to make major breakthroughs and avoid years of painful trial and error. James' training was initially taught to a group of network marketers, but it can be applied to any industry, any business, any sales job,or any learning persuasion.
    "Interview with CEO Rebekah Davis of School of WashTM" by Shane Jeremy James (Online Version, $97) Plus, receive a special discount code for purchases at School of WashTM!
    In this interview, you will learn how a mother and her 11-year-old daughter started an amazing company together. You will also be taught the obstacles you have to overcome in a start-up company, the strategies to keep a company growing, how to balance your family life and with your business, a few key social media ideas that could cause your business to explode rapidly and some of the most well-kept secrets to creating a successful company. This interview is priceless and could provide you with just the tip your company needs to become a success.
    "Interview with Michael Hutchison, CEO of Speaking Mastery" by Shane Jeremy James (Online Version, $97)
    In this interview with Michael Hutchison, I really wanted to know how he helped build Tony Robbins' company before Tony was famous. What strategies did the pair use to build the company? What type of people did they surround themselves with? How did they grow Robbins' company when they were pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and how is Hutchison building his own company now? What advice would he give someone working to build a fairly new business? What does he think is the fastest way to take a business to the next level? What books and courses should people be taking to achieve success in business? Michael is a great friend of mine, and every time I talk with him, I learn something new I can apply to my business and my life.
    Michael Hutchison invested seven years as Tony Robbins’ VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing before Robbins become famous. Michael and Tony designed the Life Mastery seminar series together, and to this day it's still Robbins' top-selling program. From there, Hutchison has helped many companies become successful and run his own successful company, promoting Mastery.
    "Interview with multi-millionaire Kelly Bangert" by Shane Jeremy James (Online Version, $97)
    In this interview with Kelly Bangert, we discuss many principles regarding success. Bangert shares how he made more than $3 million in less then nine months, and how you can apply these principles to your life. Bangert identifies some of the most important strategies that you can use to build any kind of business or have success in any aspect of your life. He also discusses how he is able to build multiple businesses and still have a great family life as a great dad to his two daughters. I learned so much in this interview. Over the years, Bangert has become one of my best friends, and I can honestly say you will gain so much knowledge from this interview.
    Kelly Bangert has built numerous business empires, and is one of the fastest network marketers in the world. He made more than $3.4 million in his first nine months of network marketing despite having no experience.
    "Interview with CEO Imal Wagner of Phoenix Rising" by Shane Jeremy James (Online Version, $97)
    In this interview, Imal Wagner answers questions that could make you millions and make you famous. I pry deep into her experiences to understand how she helped make so many people become rich and famous. What traits does she think people need to have to create success? How do you approach the media if you are not famous yet? What would it take to get on national TV? What makes a really good publicist and what makes a poor publicist? This is just a small portion of our conversation. I have known Wagner for many years, and she is not only one of the kind-hearted people you will ever meet, but also one of the smartest and most creative business people as well.
    "Interview with CEO Peter Legge of Canada Wide Media Limited" by Shane Jeremy James (PDF, $97)
    In this interview, Peter Legge answers some very powerful questions such as: When you were starting out, was there ever a time when you thought you might not make it? What advice would you give someone just
    starting out in business? What would be a hot industry to be in right now? Is there a specific technique you use for goal setting? What are angel investors and are they a good idea? How do you suggest someone get financing these days? What are the most valuable habits you have created in developing your empire?
    This is just a small glimpse into this interview. There is no doubt in my mind that this interview will change the way you do business and how you focus, as well as helping you create better habits in your personal life. I asked Legge, "If you can give one solid piece of advice to have success in life and in business, what would it be?" He told me the five most important things you should never do, and if you stay away from these five, you will have all the success in the world.

    Legge is an award-winning speaker and philanthropist who successfully developed a national media company from a small-circulation television listings magazine called TV Week. Canada Wide Media Ltd. is the largest independently owned publishing company in western Canada, producing more than 50 titles, with annual revenues in excess of $30 million.
    "Interview with CEO John Volken of the John Volken Foundation" by Shane Jeremy James (Audio, $97)
    In this interview, John Volken talks about how he got started in business, what he thinks it takes to make it big in business, why he thinks people fail in business, why he decided to give his money away to less fortunate people and what makes a great entrepreneur. This is one of the most powerful interviews I have ever done. I have had the privilege of knowing Volken for more than seven years and I sit on the board for the John Volken Foundation. Volken is the most incredible man I haver ever met. His foundation was started with more than $100 million of his own money.
    Over 22 years, John Volken built United Furniture Warehouse into one of the largest retail furniture chains in North America, with more than 150 locations and more than $200 million in annual sales. In 2003, Volken was ready to pursue his new career as a social entrepreneur. He sold his furniture business and transferred all of the proceeds, along with its significant real estate holdings, to his foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to provide people in need with the opportunity to help themselves and become self- sufficient.
    "Interview with CEO Brian Scudamore of 1-800-Got-Junk" by Shane Jeremy James (PDF, $97)
    In this interview, Brian Scudamore answers questions that everyone should hear about to create their own success. Questions include: if there was an area to get into business right now, what would it be? What is the next hot trend? What are the important habits you developed to create wealth? Was there ever a time you felt you weren't going to make it? How do you select great people to work with? Would you say that networking or finding the right mentor is more important? And the most important question of all: Why do people fail in business? I believe if you just take this advice alone, it will save you years of going in the wrong direction and cut down on your failure rate dramatically.
    Brian Scudamore purchased a used pickup truck for $700 and built the world's largest junk removal service, a $70 million company. He has now started another fast-growing franchise called "1-888-WOW-1DAY! Painting."
    "COMPLETE HEALTH CD SET" by Shane Jeremy James (Online Version, $197)
    7 CD set of the Complete Health Audio Series, A custom workbook, full alkaline eating plan, complete workout routine that takes your health to the next level! Shane's famous tasty protein shake recipes, Plus... many more life giving recipes. Learn the principles for living longer and renewing your levels of energy. Rejuvenate and renew your health, reduce disease, create balance in your body, maximize your energy and live a long rewarding Life. You must start to look at your body as a temple. I find it disheartening that people plan their vacations with better care than they plan their health life. Get ready to learn things like how to slow the aging process and begin to reverse It, repair unhealthy cells, how to slow down the aging process from things like air pollution, air smoke and the sun, how to eliminate anxiety, detect depression, reduce stress up to 80%, increase serotonin in the brain to become smarter, seduce stroke and heart disease, learn what natural supplements will give you greater mental clariety, the most beneficial antioxidants and learn who are the longest living people and why. This is just a small glimpse of what you learn. Shane truly feels that this is his most important course.
    "Secrets of Building a Network Marketing Empire" by Shane Jeremy James (Online Version, $197)
    6 CD set of the Secrets of Building a Network Marketing Empire Audio Series, A custom workbook and Influence and Power Script Book.
    How any network marketer can break free from the pack and develop a strategy to become one of the highest earners. All the best kept network marketing secrets on one CD set. Get ready to learn secrets like the seven steps to closing any new prospect, how to get the ultimate edge, learn the best principles in the network marketing industry, learn how the world's most successful network marketers think, learn a step by step formula to building a network marketing empire, how to gain an extra two hours per day, learn the most powerful techniques that will help you become more productive, complete daily tracking system, unique system to track new prospects and so much more...

    "Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight CD Set" by Shane Jeremy James (Online Version, $197)
    7 CD Set of The Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight Audio Series, A custom workbook.
    Are you struggling to lose weight? Learn the secrets and tips that can help you to gain the figure tour desire in just 12 weeks! Re-ignite your body, mind and spirt. Excuses will become a thing of the past... You're going to discover the patterns and behaviours that are responsible for preventing you from losing weight and attaining the physique you dream about and deserve. This program goes way beyond just being another diet book or weight loss program; This program will teach you how to change yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.

    "Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight" by Shane Jeremy James (PDF, $15.95)
    Discover the secret to shedding those unwanted pounds and re-ignite your body, mind and spirit. The secret to achieving dramatic weight loss is to first change your psychology - Shift the way you think about yourself, your health and your life.
    "Weight Loss Hypnosis CD" by Shane Jeremy James (Online Version, $43)
    Hypnosis is the most powerful tool on the planet for re-education your unconscious mind the part of the brain that creates cravings and impulses - to give you back real control in what you eat. It can provide the extra motivation, discipline and determination to keep you moving in the direction of your weight loss goals and help you overcome the many food traps that can cause weight gain. The real and permanent change in your weight only comes with a change in your mind, not through fad diets. This weight loss hypnosis CD can help you make those changes and far more quickly than you every imagined possible.
    "Prospecting, Closing and Persuasion Script Book-Advanced" by Shane Jeremy James (PDF, $39)
    Learn secret persuasion techniques to recruit, prospect and close like a master. Network Marketing success means making real connections with your prospects, from smooth approaches to overcoming any objection with ease. You're about to uncover advanced sales and recruiting techniques that will drive your rates - and income - through the roof. You'll learn everything you need to grow a profitable, sustainable MLM business in this insiders manual. These advanced prospecting techniques perform consistently, giving you the edge you need to efficient recruiting, fast - closing sales and building solid client relationships in any market. Whether you're a new network marketer looking for an advantage or a seasoned pro who wants maximum return on your time investment these game-changing scripts and strategies you discover in this book (you won't find them anywhere else) will help you. To close more sales, you need to.... Master the are of MLM persuasion with... Shane Jeremy James
    "Living the 17-hour Workweek by Using Virtual Assistants" by John Jonas (PDF'S, $47)
    Philippines Outsourcing: Quick Start Guide(PDF), 7 Steps To Getting Started Hiring Filipino VA's (PDF), How To Replace Yourself by Outsourcing To The Philippines for $2.50/Hour(PDF)
    This entire package teaches you how to outsource to the Philippines. In other words, you will learn
    everything you need to know so that you can hire Filipinos to do much of your work for your business. You will be able to “replace yourself” as you hire and work with skilled, inexpensive employees. You will free up your own time so that you can focus on being the real CEO of your business. This package helps you learn how to do the same, while avoiding the many potential pitfalls.
    Facebook Marketing Plan and Internet Worksheets by AnnaLaura Brown (PDF'S, $37)
    AnnaLaura Brown has been in network marketing since 2006 and enjoys helping other people learn how to make extra income, use the internet to grow their businesses and improve their health.
    "Generate Profit through Product" by Shane Jeremy James (Online/Teleconference, $197)
    This is Shane Jeremy James' tele-class for bloggers, business people and anyone looking to make some money. One of James' areas of expertise is helping people generate profit by creating strong back ends. In this call, he will teach you how to create studio-quality CDs for little cost, how to set up a fully-functional video studio in your house (cheap), how to quickly write a book and outsource the majority of the work for a very low cost and how to outsource your entire business.
    Shane loves to teach how to create products cheap and then make massive amounts of money with those products.

    "The ABC's of Prosperous Intuition" - With Live Audience Readings by Cheryl Brewster (Online/Teleconference, $197)
    Do you find it difficult differentiating between intuition, fear, wishful thinking and mind chatter? Do you struggle with making a decision in new situations when you
    don't have all the facts? Are you tired of "hit and miss" intuition; sometimes right, and sometimes wrong? If yes then this is for...

    "The ABC's of Clearing for Prosperity" - by Cheryl Brewster (Online/Teleconference, $197)
    Clearing brings instant relief from financial pressure so you can live from inspired action. Negative beliefs hamper our ability to manifest abundance while clearing makes room for it. Releasing the grip of resistance releases creativity and possibilities you couldn't see before. We have no idea how much our personal relationships affect our levels of business/financial prosperity and vice-versa. Clearing relationship pain affects prosperity on all levels.
    Internationally renown for her unique approach as a consultant, speaker and coach, Cheryl Brewster is a leader in her field. She is a well-known and respected Professional and Corporate Intuitive and founder of The Intuitive Life. She helps clients fine-tune their own intuition through real life processes that include expanding comfort zones, managing change and transition with more confidence and ease, and embracing "what if dreams" to "I am doing it results!
    "Maximize Growth & Profit in your Business" by Colin Sparks (Online Webinar, $197)
    This webinar will take your business to an entirely new level. It's some of the most in-depth business training around and can help anyone create more success in both their personal and professional life.
    Colin Sparks is an extremely charismatic motivational business speaker and is frequently invited to speak or be the master of ceremonies at events all over the world, from board of director meetings and marketing seminars to corporate and association functions with hundreds or even thousands of attendees. Colin sold his first business when he was 21 years old. Over the past 19 years, Colin has visited more than 70 countries and has built businesses in mining, engineering, fitness, skin care, handyman services and carpentry, giving him a broad range of understanding of many industries and markets, which guarantees that you receive first-class, real-world expertise to help grow your business.

    Project Conversion: One Man. 12 Faiths. One Year by Andrew Bowen(PDF, $15)
    On January 1st, 2011, Andrew Bowen embarked on the most challenging journey of his life. Once consumed with hatred toward religion and the faithful, he fully immersed himself in 12 faiths and philosophies for one year in order to discover the humanity within them all.
    Maintaining Your Power by Ray Higdon (Online Version, $27)
    Ray Higdon had his first $10,000 month his fifth month of network marketing and his first $40,000 month his 7th month in network marketing. He has since gone on to become the #1 income earner in the company.
    MVP Success Pack by Bill Walsh Audio (Online Version, $197)
    This invaluable Complete Business Package has everything you need to start, grow and even double your business in the next 90 days. Bill has helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs in more than thirty countries over the past two decades profit wildly with “inside-out” business consulting and proven marketing strategy. Now, you can get his practical, step-by-step training at a “highway robbery” investment at 88% off... $1702 / $197
    Bill Walsh has personally mentored some of the sharpest companions and entrepreneurs in the world including Brain Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Les Brown and billion dollar firms like the MGM resort Casino in Las Vegas and has helped take companions from zero to over $500 million dollars. 
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