Spring Fashion Trends

Hello, everyone! It’s Elizabeth, from Emphatically Elle. I’m here today to talk about the five spring fashion trends that are must haves for the upcoming season.
Spring is all about pastels, floral prints, sweet colors… really anything that seems, well, springy! For most people it’s a warm, sunshiney, happy time that means that winter is finally over and summer’s on its way!
Chambray Shirt

The first item on the list is a denim or chambray shirt. These are everywhere lately, and that’s probably because they’re so completely versatile! They can be used with leggings, colored jeans, or even over dresses and skirts. They look great knotted at the bottom as well, which is a super cute look over a pretty lace or floral sundress.
Floral Dress
The next staple for spring is a floral dress. The spring season is a tricky time weather wise, because while most people are optimistically hoping for warm, sunny weather, more often than not it’s still pretty nippy outside. Therefore, you need to find a dress that will look great with a cardigan or shirt and tights, but also on its own, which can carry you into the summer months as well.
The bright print on this dress is cheerful for spring, and the shape of the garment would work will with a cardigan, sweater, or shirt, possibly paired with a belt as well. It would even look cute with a solid scarf in a complementary color, and it can be worn with nearly any type of shoe, from heels to flats to sandals.
Bright Sunnies

Even though it isn’t always as warm as we’d like in the spring time, it’s very often sunny, and you’ve got to have a cute way to protect your peepers from the UV rays! Sunglasses in bright colors are fun and can add a little pizzazz to any outfit instantly. This pair has a great retro vibe, and the pale yellow color is reminiscent of the sunshine they’ll be shielding you from!
Pastel Bag

And of course, you have to have some place to store all of your stuff when you’re out and about! Smaller bags that have crossbody straps are big this season, and pastel colors are always a winner for spring. The detailing on this bag adds a little something extra, and the peach-y salmon color is completely gorgeous!
Nude Heels

Last but certainly not least, you can’t forget the shoes! Nude heels are spring ready and go with everything, which is great news for all the floral, pastel, and denim that you’ll be wearing. Nude is the spring version of black, so they’re versatile and classic. Nude flats are also adorable if you’re looking for a less dressy version of the style.
What are your spring style must haves?
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