Sometimes Its Life

I really need to start taking more pictures because I feel like I haven't had an iPhone photo dump in a long time. Never mind that almost all my blog photos are iPhone ones, because I mean random not good enough to blog about on their own photos. Its not that I don't want to document things that happen to me, its just that I NEVER think to take a picture. I'll see something and I'll be like "Oh thats a great idea/ weird thing" and then I'll forget all about it. Another thing that has kept me from posting as much as I would like is finals. The school year will over in less than a week (but there is summer school to take) so that won't be a problem for long. 

Here though is a few things from my life lately.

parking lot mishap
Yesterday I was walking out to my car after class, and then I noticed this SUV had parked next to me.  I was sincerely worried that they would have dinged my car with their door or something, because if they weren't careful once why would they be now. Not to mention how far over they seemed on that line. Luckily my car was fine though and I started to think how much it would suck to have a car like that for two reasons. First it means a big accident and second it means no money to pay to fix it.

tree thank you card
I received this card in the mail awhile ago. Remember that JazzyWear Shoe Review I did awhile ago well I they sent me a thank you card. I really love working with companies that are so kind. And in case you're curious the shoes are still working out well.
spray painted yard
Driving home yesterday I noticed my neighbors who always have a perfect yard had red lines and flags in their yard for utility work, and I laughed. Whenever anything is a little bit bad with the weather they get all worried about how the yard will look. When I pulled in my drive way I noticed that they were in my yard too. To make it even worse the workers woke me up earlier this morning with their nose. By early I mean like nine.
cheetah stuffed animal
Here's a picture of my cheetah stuffed animal that I've had for about five years. Its from build a bear but since I was never into the clothes on stuffed animals things I guess its just going to have to be okay naked. I only have my Cyndaqual Plush and the Cheetah left of my stuffed animals.
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