So many Goals

I really do wish life could be an easy thing. Everything going exactly the way I want it to as soon as I want it too. Of course this would all be without me having to do any kind of work.  There are so many things I want to do, so many things I want to be that I really don't think it is possible for me to do it all. I've done a few posts about things I want to do, and surprisingly I've already on a very good track to finishing this goal even though I thought it was near impossible. So maybe I do have a chance, but really I'm not all that sure I can do it. I mean I'm talking about a serious amount of work.

 No more Farmville and Village Life, just studying away, blogging away, and working away. By working I mean doing things to get money because obviously those other two things are work as well.  Maybe if I'm lucky I'll decide half way through that these are things that I don't really want, so that I can focus on something a little more realistic. 

  1. First, and this one is a little silly, I want to start getting vaccinated for things. I'm not going to go so far to take any vaccines that have health risks, but if I can prevent myself from getting a few diseases then why not? I'll start with (and probably stick with) doing the ones available at my local CVS now that they have clinic. Hepatitis A and B, Meningitis (something I already need), and whooping cough. Thanks to my mother being an on top of it parent I really don't have that many that I need.
  2. Another thing that I would love is to just get some cool certifications. I looked at the first aid information, and it doesn't look that beneficial, but scuba diving looks like it would be. Although it would require a ton of work. When I went to Hawaii, I had the chance to become certified but not thinking I took the class that counted for high school credit instead.
  3. The third thing I want to do is be a successful blogger. I've had a little bit of luck with this so far, but of course I want to go even further. Like the daybook kind of famous. Not so much that I'm being stalked, but so that people know my name.
  4. Lastly I have a very rigorous school plan. Even worse than when I wanted to double major. I still plan to double major, but one of these majors by itself would take me longer than the average four years (without summer classes). I'll be writing about this in the future if you want to stress with me.

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