Saving A Monk

...A Chipmunk that is.

 Well, I'm sure that a lot of people will disagree with me on the "saving part" but he really did have to go as do a few others. Its not that I dislike chipmunks (actually I think they're super adorable) but they do terrible things. Not only do they destroy plants, I do like to have a small garden, but they also mess up the foundation of house. I really would rather not have my house collapse in on itself not that I think it'd actually get that bad.

So instead of using a kill trap I decided on a live one with the intention of relocating all of the chipmunks. Within a few hours I had already caught one and then off we went on a little drive.
 He's in my trunk along with a yoga mat, and a few blankets. Although I'm sure that riding back there isn't the most comfortable way to go somewhere I really didn't want getting lose in my car.
And here's where I let him go. Its is only a few minutes away from my house but I doubt he'll find his way back. I think that he will be able to find enough to eat there, or at least I hope so because once I catch his friends they're going to be there too.
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