Review: John Frieda Conditioner

I really did debate doing this review. I mean I love writing about all the products that I've used that other people can see how the product works, and what the good things and the bad things about it are. See but this conditioner isn't even something that's for sale. Remember my John Frieda hair dye review? Well, this is the shampoo that came with it. Its just a small bottle (less than 2 oz) and on the directions it even says you don't have to use it that much. Right after dying hair, then once a week until its gone. Not really a need to have product, but here goes my opinion.

First I think its fantastic that they have this after color conditioner in a bottle, previous box hair dyes I've used put it in a little pouch, similar to when I've gotten shampoo samples, like my Nexxus Hair Products but they'll say the same directions as this bottle, to use one a week. After one use of that thing I have to throw it away or risk shampoo spilling everywhere. Thank you John Frieda for thinking ahead.

This conditioner is supposed to help your color stay in, but since I have white blond hair that really wouldn't fade anyway, I can't agree or disagree with that. I can say that it does do an amazing job conditioning though. After using it my hair feels like it has life again, even after a bleaching session. I can easily comb through because the Precision Foam Color conditioner gets rid of tangles. People buy products to do that.

It does have a slight smell, that I can't really place. Its something creamy though and it isn't bad at all. Overall I really like this conditioner, it's worked well using it one day a week while using my herbal essences hydralicous the rest of the days. It's too bad it can't be bought separately.
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