Review: Dark and Lovely Au Naturale

hair serum
I used to do a lot of damage to my hair. I mean a lot. Wash blow dry and flat iron every day, and then on top of that bleach every two and a half months. Since then though I've cut back significantly on how much I process my hair. On big thing that I've stopped doing is using a flat iron. My hair though, tends to look less than perfect as you can see by everyday look photos. In the first one it is absolutely terrible, so frizzy. So instead of brushing it out in the mornings I decided that I would try using this new product from Dark and Lovely even though I'm not exactly the group that it is marketed to I do have a similar hair texture. Also when I used one of their products before for my Dark and Lovely review it worked out really well.

So use shampoo and condition hair as normal then towel dry hair. While it is still damp apply the Dark and Lovely Naturale Coil Moisturizing souffle to hair. Let air dry. I found it really easy to use, and it went on my hair smoothly and didn't leave any hard residue that would cause my hair to catch. After just one day of use I found that my hair looked significantly better than it did before. Although it doesn't smell as nice as Herbal Essences it still is very pleasant, and ifyou're looking for something that does as well for curls as Herbal Essences Mousse but is in a serum form then Dark and Lovely Au Naturale coil moisturizing souffle may work for you. Especially if you have a hair texture similar to mine. 

white blond hair

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