P&G Sampler

So I received another P&G Sampler in the mail today. It seems like as soon as a new one comes out, they ship the last one because I signed up for this at least a few months ago. I shouldn't complain though, because they did give me free samples.  Even though this isn't one of the bigger sample boxes it is the best packaged one. I wonder if they were having shipping problems before.

Since I did this all in black and white it might be a little hard to see what I got so I'll go through it. One tide pod for laundry and another tide pod for the dishwasher, Downy fabric softener that I don't exactly need now that I have dryer balls, and Crest 3D toothpaste. The most exciting one to me is the 3D tooth paste since I'm trying to get white teeth and the white strips didn't work for me.
They also had a pack of coupons with my name printed on the front! The problem I have with not these coupons, but coupons in general is that they tend to be for things I wouldn't normally use, but that's okay.
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