Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

green and pink mascara bottle
I remember an old ad in seventeen magazine. "What's Green and Pink and in half of women's purses?" I really doubt that percentage I put in the quote is correct because this literally was a good three years ago, but I do remember the number being very high. I could not even when I put my mind to it figure out what they were talking about, that is of course until I turned the page.

I am a little surprised at the popularity of this mascara, but I'm assuming its because it only costs a few dollars and is available at every drug store, grocery store and such around. Overall its pretty mediocre as a mascara. It doesn't do anything wrong, but nothing extraordinary either. I'd say from my Lancome mascara review that mascara increases the length and thickness by 50% this mascara on the other hand only increases length by about 30% and volume by about 20%. Color pigment and length lasted, is pretty good though this mascara does tend to smudge with water. Something I'd expect since it isn't marketed as water proof. It isn't really a negative either since it means that I won't have to use my estee lauder makeup remover to get it off.
And here's the brush. Sorry that I wasn't able to get a better picture of it, but out of the five I took none would really focus on it. Since I've talked mostly about cons I'm going to go into a few really good things about the mascara. It is perfect for lower lashes. If I'm trying to achieve a very put together look I'll use a thinker brush mascara on my top lashes and this on the bottom. For someone who has thin or short lashes it will work really well for a natural look or if you're like me and have light colored lashes and just want them to be a little darker this is great too.
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