Implant Birth Control

Getting Ready

A few weeks ago I had the Nexplanon birth control implant put in. Basically it a rod that is similar in size to a match stick but is bendable. Its the exact same thing as the Implanon (if you've heard of that) except it shows up in an x-ray. Oh yeah and its three years of being baby free. I'm going to tell you a little about my experience getting the Nexplanon, but remember I'm not a doctor, and you should consult one and see what works best for you. This is just what happened for me and the results may or may not be the same for you. For more technical information you can visit planned parenthood

 At first I debated talking about this, I mean it is birth control and it is kind of a medical thing. But then I remembered I've already talked about both of these before, with my corset review and my blood drive donation so here goes. 

When I first decided I wanted birth control, I already knew I wanted an Implant. I had a friend who had it done and she seemed to like it and after a fair amount of research I was sure that the Nexplanon was the right thing for me. I made my mother (I know I lack independence) set up my first appointment with a gynecologist. She had one that she really liked seeing so I figured that he would work for me too.

Of course I went in filled out my paper work and such and sat down and waited. This was actually one of the nicest doctors' offices I've ever been to. It was so pretty and I hate to say it but it was luxurious. My wait wasn't long and then I was able to go in and see the doctor. They didn't even weigh me, just asked a few basic health questions. As soon as I started talking to the doctor I understood why my mother liked him. He's so kind. I felt comfortable talking to him. Something to note is that he was the first person ever to say that being a student was a job. Thank you Mr. Gynecologist.

The only problem was that he said I had to take a pill that had the same hormone as the Nexplanon to make sure I didn't have any reactions, since it was much easier to stop taking a pill then to cut something out of the body. Of course I was a little disappointed but  he really did have good logic. I made my appointment for the next month and headed to the pharmacy to get my birth control pills. Oh these pills are completely free by the way thanks to insurance and the government (so is the implant).

Of course these pills ended up working fine for me and we went in for the appointment. Unfortunately I went a week ahead, but they said they could make time for us anyways. He asked me if I was sure about the implant (of course I was) and we got started.

Putting it in

Getting started the doctor told me it was "so easy Spongebob could do it" and although I'm not sure it was that easy, he made it seem like it was. The first thing that he did was to numb my arm. The needle was so sharp that I barely felt it go in. He then started a story about a medical trip to Central America that I'm sure was to put me at ease. But I guess in the 1970's before AIDS they used to reuse needles and just sharpen them when they were dull. Makes me love living in the twenty first century.

After that told me the next part shouldn't hurt but it would have a slight burning sensation, and that's all there was. I'm sure without the numbing though it would have been a horrible pain since they were making room for the Implant. While he did this he continued to talk about the poor medical conditions that are in third world countries.

Last he put in the actual birth control. It didn't hurt but it felt like what I imagine a parasite moving inside would be like. Apparently though I was making funny faces when this happened because the nurse in the room asked me what was wrong. After this he just put on a band aid, no stitches required.


When I put my jacket on to leave I moved the band aid and blood ended up on the inside sleeve of my jacket. There really wasn't that much bleeding though so it wasn't a big deal. That day my arm didn't hurt at all. When I woke up there was just a slight pain (nothing too bad) and it was a little swollen.

A few days later though it started to bruise. I thought this was normal but after talking to someone I go to school with I guess it wasn't because she didn't have it happen. It wasn't a bruise that hurt but it did last a good three weeks before going away. I kind of think though that it has to do with how I sleep.

So far I really like the Nexplanon. I didn't have any weird period things happen right after it went in. I was surprised that it stayed with my cycle. My period did seem a little longer but lighter so I guess that's a fair trade. Oh and something really cool is that 1/3 of people end up not having a period on this.
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