Gelatin Hair Removal

So I saw awhile back a blog that did a recipe they had found on Pinterest to get rid of blackheads, and it ended up removing more of the little hairs on their face than it did black heads. So I got the idea to actually use jello for that, instead of clear gelatin because its the same thing, right? I think that red is my favorite since I've actually done a "cooking post" with gelatin.

I just put in a little bit of the jello mix, added some milk swished it together then put it in the microwave for thirty seconds. 
After I was done this is what it looked like. People were saying the clear gelatin smelled bad, but I have to say this smelled fantastic. I ended up applying it to my legs and it looked a little bit like blood. After it dried I was a little disappointed that it didn't take up any hairs. I think I'll have to stay with my regular shaving. Especially since I found out I really like the Venus Breeze Razor
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