Earth Day

Its almost Earth Day. I was planning on doing a recycling post about how I do my part to recycle different things. Like what little known things you can recycle and where to do it. I was also thinking of  a Do it Yourself kind of like my stud shorts DIY where I go through how to remake something that you already have. I was even thinking of planting a tree and then doing a yearly update on its growth progress. See I had all of these really great plans, and then I realized Earth Day is a day away. I thought I had at least a week. I wish I had been able to quickly write a post but I've  been working on a speech I have to have ready for Tuesday all day today.

So what you're getting is a bunch of flower pictures. I posted not very long ago about the first flower blooms I've seen this year that were on a peach tree. Since then a ton of flowers have started to show and I went to my grandmother's (who has a plant obsession) where I came up with the perfect quick fix to my Earth day post. I'm not exactly sure what these flowers are, so if you were wanting a run down on their names it really isn't going to happen. 

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