Dear Olive Oil

Since I love to use both a flat iron and use box bleach on my hair it tends to get a little dry. I've used shampoos and conditioners to help soften it, but many times I prefer ones that keep my hair from looking brassy over ones that hydrate. My hair was feeling a little dry and was thinking about redoing it with my John Frieda Bleach so instead of going to the store and getting a leave in conditioner I decided to just go to my pantry and use olive oil. I mean I've heard from a few different people that it works well on hair so why not give it a try.

Maybe my problem was that I didn't do it the right way but here's how it went. I opened up the bottle put my head over the kitchen sink poured the olive oil on my hair, put my hair in a pony tail and went to bed. When I rinsed it out in the morning I expected my hair to feel a little oily, but I was so wrong. It felt just gross and clumpy maybe even more dried out than it was before. It took three washes and three times using Herbal Essence conditioner before my hair was back to its normal texture. 

Even the smell was terrible. I'm surprised that I managed to sleep with it in my hair all night because it really is over powering. To me I guess this kind of is a less not to trust everything you read, or what people tell you. I think that I'm going to have to stick to a deep conditioner when I need to give my hair a little hydration boost.

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