Chinese Food With Chicken

I haven't done an Everyday food post in forever it seems. These first two photos of food, okay a pack of gum and a plate of my dinner are at least four months old.  Oh well at least I'm posting one now I guess.

 I absolutely love this gum. When I had first received I didn't think it would taste all that great. I was expecting something a little like the dessert gum (which is awful) but I was pleasantly surprised. At first it tastes like the tangerine and then switches to the pomegranate. I don't even care if those vitamin c claims are true.
 Here's multi colored green beans, fried potatoes and a fried egg. The beans tasted different than what I was used to, even the green ones. Maybe they aren't green beans. The potatoes were only so so. I like chips and baked potatoes but I guess I don't like the in between. I do though really like the fried egg the way it was cooked it tasted super similar to the poached eggs I make.
 This cookie that I bought from the vending machine at school. It tasted so good. The only problem I had with it was the label. It says Chinese Almond cookie, and then on the label it says that it "may have trace amounts of nuts" I hope that it has more than trace amounts since its a Chinese Almond Cookie.
Last here's chicken pasta and broccoli that I had last night. I tend to eat dinner once and the heat it up again to have later in the night. People say that doing this is healthy but I don't really focus on that, more of just whatever my stomach wants.
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