Checkers and Not the Game


So I've done blog posts over my African Grey, and random cats but I think this is the first one that is about my dog. I think the reason I've held back on putting her in my blog is that she is so hard to photograph. She moves around so much that every photo I take is blurry and even if she isn't then her face is so dark that the pictures turn out oddly. Surprisingly though I ended up getting one that I think is at least sort of good. 

Anyways. This is Checkers and a lot of people assume that she is named after the checkered flag for race day or the game (although that is red and black, not white). I think only one person every knew why she was named Checkers. Its after a dog that the American President Nixon had and refused to give up when he was called out for taking bribes. He made a whole speech about how he didn't care what other people thought and that he was keeping his dog.

About my dog though. The best thing about her is how happy she is when people come home. I mean she gets so excited and if you leave to go upstairs where she isn't allowed she'll cry about it sometimes. Its so cute. She does have two major faults though, one she will eat anything out of the garbage and two she scratches at the door whenever she sees a rabbit or when there used to be chipmunks in the yard.

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