You Go Cyndaquil

 I'm not really sure why, but I never blogged about Valentines Day, at all. Not about what I did, what I bought or what I received. I think that I was being super lazy that week. Anyways, this Cyndaquil plush is one of the things that I was given by my boyfriend. A lot of what he gave me super specific for me, and probably would seem like really odd choices for Valentines Day presents to anyone else, but this one is pretty easy to explain. I saw that he had a Pokedex app on his phone and since I have my own Pokemon nostalgia I was happy he did as well. We talked about which starter Pokemon we used on the Pokemon gameboy games  (such cool kids) and mine was Cyndaquil.  I was rather surprised when I opened the presents he gave me that he remembered such a silly thing.

Anyways I ended up going away for a few days and I took Cyndaquil with me. I think I had already planned on taking it with me but the photo diary was kind of an "I'm sorry" thing for my boyfriend. I was overly angry at him for something (not even an important thing) so I figured seeing how Cyndaquil spent its trip would make up for it.

Cyndaquil getting ready for bed. We arrived really late so once we got there that's seriously all that happened. I brushed my teeth and such but I highly doubt Cyndaquil did the same. If you're looking at the wall and thinking it looks kind of strange its not the picture. The whole room is covered in some strange wood veneer that I don't understand, its like an inch thick. The only good thing I can say about the wood is that no other rooms in the house have it.

 Cyndaquil sitting on the porch. This was fairly early in the morning so I'm assuming it was sitting in there because it was kind of chilly outside. Although as a fire Pokemon I think it should be immune to cold weather. Unless there's snow because that would put out its tail fire which I think would be a bad thing.
 Cyndaquil playing in a wood pile? I'm only putting the question mark because I have no idea what else to call it. Basically its a bunch of tree tops that were left over from the logging that was done. I think I posted about it awhile ago but I'm too lazy to try and find it right now.  Out of the pictures I took I think this one is my favorite. If I were a Cyndaquil this is where I'd hang out all the time.
 Cyndaquil playing in the flowers. Unfortunately since it is so short Cyndaquil could only see one of the flowers that happened to droop down to its level. Then Cyndaquil tried to burn all the flowers, but I stopped that. 

I was told this picture is "wonderful" but I don't really see it. Instead of using my phone camera all the time I think I really am going to have to start using the SLR camera. I just wish it were more convenient.
And Finally Cyndaquil crossing the bridge to go home. It just looks like moss covered wood from this angle but I promise its really an old covered bridge.
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