Von Maur Beauty Haul

Since using the Maybelline BB Cream I've really been happy with it. It is literally the only makeup I wear most days, and it has a ton of benefits that you can read about by clicking the link to my review. Because I liked the drug store version so much, I decided to try out a department store version. It is rather expensive at $50 but I'm going to test it out and see how it works, and of course do a review over it.

Normally when I think of Von Maur I think of accessories, and shoes (actually I've done a Von Maur shoe haul before) but beauty products aren't far behind that. They have a large variety of higher end brands to chose from. When I bought this they had a promotion going on where if you spend over a certain amount on Lancome then you get a beauty bag and and some product samples. Just buying the BB Cream was enough to get the promotion.
Here's the beauty bag. Its actually pretty big and fits all the samples that came with it. Its made of nylon so if something spills on it I think I'd be an easy clean up.
A few eye products came with it. A small black eyeliner, a sample size black mascara, a sample size of mascara base, and a miniature eyeshadow quad containing pink, purple, cream and brown. I'm going to try and do reviews of these in the future.

Even though I'm still young I have an almost obsession with wrinkles so I was excited to see that there are two eye cream samples. One for day and one for night. If I do a review of them I think it'll be the two of them together. Looking over the things I've gotten it reminds me a little of my Cosmetic Company Haul.
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