Victoria's Secret Haul 2013

For me Victoria's Secret is the best place to get everyday lingerie. There are "other places" but the selection is so much smaller, and I have a less common bra size that most stores don't even carry. This is the second Victoria's Secret Haul I've done a blog post over, although I've done plenty of shopping there, I'm quite terrible at remembering to blog about hauls. Originally I was going because I received one of those free panty coupons in the mail as well as one for $10 off a bra from Victoria's Secret so I figured I would go in and buy a new set of underwear.
I ended up not getting the panty that was free, because it wasn't a type I would wear. It was one of the no show type which I don't exactly understand because if you wear a thong then that's not going to have anything to show. So I ended up going with a leopard print for $8.50, and getting a pair of the no show kind  of panty for my mother. 

Using my $10 off coupon I bought the matching leopard bra. It sells for $34.50 which is pretty cheap considering I saw a lot of Victoria's Secret bras selling for $60. I like that this has the double strap and although I was a little hesitant about the animal print at first I think I really like it now.
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