Using Wool Dryer Ball

Thanks to the wonderful people at  for giving me a set of their dryer balls for me to try out. They are a family owned company, and each of their 100% wool balls is made in the USA. Wool dryer balls can save you money as well as help the environment. They soften clothes so you no longer need to add in a fabric softener which can actually be bad for your dryer, and they reduce drying time by 30-50% so you're using a significantly smaller amount of electricity with each load of laundry.  Two other great things they decrease static electricity, and wrinkles, so no more shocks when you take out your clothes to fold them, and a lot of time saved on not having to iron.

 I was given the six pack of natural white wool dryer balls, used for medium to large loads of laundry. Right now they are on sale for $36.95 so if you're looking for a deal, now is the time. Checking out their online store I noticed that they also have the wool dryer balls in natural grey, and both of these colors in four, and two packs as well as the six pack I received. But if you want a little more color, they sell dyed colors of hot pink, cotton candy, blue, and green in single packs. Right now, all these varieties are on sale and they ship free.
To use, just put in the dryer balls into the dryer, add already washed but not yet dried clothes and start your dryer. Since these are made out of wool and are dye free they'll last a very long time without falling apart. In between uses just leave them in the dryer.
I found that my dry time was reduced by about ten minutes, something that I think will be a great savings overtime. The lack of static was pretty amazing as well, and there were fewer wrinkles but I'm not even going to pretend that effected me because I don't do any ironing. 

Want your own wool dryer balls? Head over to 
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