To Go Or Not To Go

That is the question

I'm not quite sure that I like going on vacation. I mean, sure the beach is fantastic as are a lot of other places that you can get away for a week or so, but is it really worth it? Since my plans got canceled for my week stay near the water (no need for my beach outfit guide) I've been thinking maybe it is better. Going and getting a tan, and swimming a little really is fun, and I can't knock the idea that the brain needs a little break sometimes but after the money spent on the hotel, rental car, airline tickets, et cetera plus adding in all of the things that you could have done at home is it worth a little bit of relaxation? I guess that it really depends on the person, what kind of work they do, and how they relax. 

I'm the type of person who won't miss a single day of school no matter how sick I am, which actually happened not to long ago, because I would be so afraid of missing out on something I'd rather be miserable all day than take that risk. Because if I'd just stayed at home, stress alone would make it so much worse, so maybe for me the answer is yes that staying home instead of taking a week vacation is worth it. 

This week I plan on doing my normal blog post, along with one about what I did the day before, that way I can show how much I accomplished that would not have otherwise been done. Now there are two things that can be argued that I shouldn't add. The first is the blog posts I do, because technically I could do them on vacation, but I wouldn't. I had to scheduled posts that were going to be up, the first one I decided to go ahead and post today, was my Von Maur beauty haul and there was only one more that I think I'll post Wednesday. I'm also going to be adding what school work I've completed which I could do while I was away, but again this wouldn't happen.

Next Monday I'll write my final blog post about what happened the day before and talk about why or why it was worth not going on vacation.

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