St. Patrick's Cookies

Every time my mother goes to Aldi she seems to get interesting things like the Meiji Yan Yan Crackers Aldi is a grocery store chain originally from German as a discount food store and has been in the United States for a few years. Unlike Germany though it isn't quite as much of a discount store, I'd say its comparable to Walmart in its prices. Unlike Walmart though it seems to sell more short stock products so when ever you go you can see new things.

She ended up getting me these sugar cookies that should be pretty easy to make. Since it was two days after St. Patricks day I have a feeling she bought them on sale. Because one of my possible careers is to be a house wife I think that this is good practice for what part of my job would be. Just don't mind the fact that like my macadamia cookies these barely count because they have about two steps involved in making them. Oh well, I guess I have to start somewhere.
All I had to do was take them out of the package and put them on the pan. It specifically said not to grease it before, but I was tempted to do so anyways. I have one of those spray can ones so I'd be so easy and no one like a cookie that sticks to the cookie sheet. Also I was a little confused at why the cookie dough was square shaped but I just went with it, and you see the dough that is still in the package? I ate that. I really like cookie dough and I really didn't feel like using another pan so I feel that its a win win.

Here are the finished cookies all on a cooling rack. I'm not sure why but some of them have these little squares on top of them and others don't. I feel like there is a simple explanation that I just don't know. The sprinkles are also very non-uniform On the bright side at least they look better than the time I made gingerbread pop cakes and they taste almost as good.
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