Snow Update

I hope that you like my new schedule of posting that I pre-warned you about. I've been working really hard to get out quality beauty reviews, like my stress sweat deodorant review as well as outfit guides like my beach wear guide. I think that I like having a slightly more regular posting schedule, now I just need to work on a more regular homework schedule. That reminds me, I have a speech due on Tuesday. I really like what the topic is going to be over, cosmetic beauty, I just wish I had more time to write it. He literally gave us a week and a half for a ten minute speech that requires a ton of sources. Oh well I guess. If its good enough I'll try and post at least the outline up, although I doubt this will happen since I'm fairly self conscious about school work. I also have a few assignments due on Thursday, but really I'm not too worried about them because the classes have a super easy grading system. Basically if  I write a paragraph I get an A.  

The reason I posted a picture of my winter coat, that resides in my closet (which has changed quite a bit since that post) most of the time is because although it is March now, I needed it today. The morning was about 34 degrees fahrenheit  and had rain, which was bad enough but when I left school there was snow and the roads were terrible. By tomorrow my area is supposed to get at least 5 inches of snowfall, and I'm the one who has to shovel the drive. At least snow is pretty to look at, now that I think about it maybe I'll take a few pictures and post them.
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